BMW U.S. Sales Increase in January

Earlier this month, BMW Group reported that the company's January sales in the United States grew to 19,016 vehicles -- representing a five percent increase over January 2017 sales results. The month's performance can be credited to continued demand for BMW passenger cars and SAVS, as well as increasing consumer interest in BMW electrified vehicles.

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BMW Develops New Lease Program For the Sharing Economy

BMW has a well-earned reputation for pioneering solutions to answer customers' needs. In that spirit, BMW Group Financial Services recently announced that they've created a program to serve customers who are looking to take part in the sharing economy -- offering an ideal solution for customers who want to supplement their incomes and either drive for ride-sharing providers or rent their BMW to others when they're not using it without incurring a financial penalty.

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Pre-Production BMW X7 Models Are Being Manufactured in South Carolina

BMW Group announced in mid-December that pre-production models of the new BMW X7 Sports Activity Vehicle are rolling off the line of the company's Spartanburg, South Carolina facility. This begins the rigorous process -- which includes a series of endurance tests and test drives performed in extreme conditions -- that ends with the production X7 SAV's debut at the end of 2018.

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BMW Enjoys Stellar December Sales

BMW Group reported earlier this week that the company finished December with an excellent United States sales performance, as 34,253 BMW vehicles were sold throughout the country -- resulting in a 4.3 percent sales gain December, 2016 sales numbers. For the entirety of 2017, BMW realized a total sales of 305,685 vehicles in the United States.

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BMW Unveils the First-Ever BMW M3 CS

In November, BMW introduced the world to its special edition M3 CS, a vehicle that perfectly balances performance and practicality. The M3 CS is much lighter than the standard M3 thanks to the use of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, and it features a lower center of gravity that makes it even more fun to drive.

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Dissecting the BMW Concept Z4 Roadster

The automotive press has been discussing the BMW Concept Z4 lately, noting that the roadster appears to mark a new direction for the company in multiple ways. Developed in partnership with a Japanese manufacturer, the Concept Z4 joins the recently-detailed 8-series Concept in showcasing a defined new design trend at BMW.

The body is more chiseled than the roadster's flowing predecessor, with a shark-nose that juts forward while the rest of the vehicle appears to lean backward steeply.

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2017 BMW 5 Series Earns IIHS Safety Award

Recently, it was reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) that the 2017 BMW 5 Series was named a "Top Safety Pick +." This award recognizes BMW for its long-standing commitment to delivering best-in-class safety to consumers.

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The BMW X5 Makes Quite an Impression

After you slide in behind the wheel, you'll appreciate the style and power of the 2017 BMW X5. Built with precision engineering to conquer the elements and command the road, this luxurious third-generation SAV delivers the performance and features you want.

The BMW X5 is offered with a variety of engine options...

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